List of Projects

  1. Seismic recovery plan, reconstruction and renovation of 32 beds hospital “Imam Reza” in Chalus
  2. Development plan of “Haji Ramezan Azizi” hospital in Jubar
  3. Design of building “Mazandaran university of medical sciences”
  4. Supervision of Saderat Bank Building, Central Branch, Sari
  5. Supervision on the building of 240 schools
  6. Renovation plan of Tejarat bank, Central branch, Arak
  7. Design and construction management of Tejarat bank, Central branch, Amol
  8. Design of Tejarat bank, Central branch, Gonbad-e-Kavus
  9. Renovation plan of Tejarat bank, Amol (17 Shahrivar and Imam), Polsefid and Nowshahr
  10.  The designation of a 125 units residential complex in 31-storeies of Municipal Employees Housing Cooperative Company of District 14 (25,000 square meters)
  11.  Architectural design control of phase 1 and Design of phase 2 of 240 unit residential complex on 26 floors of Ghasr-e Darya, Mahmoud Abad
  12.  Design of commercial and entertainment center Ghasr-e Darya, Mahmoud Abad
  13.  The designation of Pardis recreational complex campus, Sari (11,000 square meters)
  14.  The designation of phases one and two of exam hall of the holly Prophet (PBUH) University Complex - The designation of the holy Prophet (PBUH) University Complex portal
  15.  Design of central library of Chalus
  16.  The designation of phases one and two of international medical university of Ramsar (5,000 square meters)
  17.  Development plan of state university, Garmsar
  18.  Design of Keshavarzi bank, branch of Motahhari, Garmsar
  19.  Design of entrance to Imam Khomeini and Fatemeh Zahra hospital and Sorak Medical Center
  20.  Plan review of health center, Polsefid
  21.  The designation and the management of the execution of Mr. Saberian business and administrative Project 1 (2800 square meters) - Saberian 2 (2400 square meters)
  22.  The designation of education department of Payam Noor university of Sari (4500 square meters)
  23.   The designation of university of applied sciences, Kiakola (11,000 square meters)
  24.  The designation of metal smelter factory, Semnan (7000 square meters)
  25.  The designing and supervision of the implementation of Amol  Fooladin Zob project (area 20,000 square meters)
  26.  Landscaping plan of power plant Shahid Rajaee dam, Sari
  27.  Improvement of the penitentiary design and project supervision, Behshahr
  28.  Design of municipal park, Shahmirzad
  29.  Design of rural museum, Babolsar
  30.  Seismic design, architectural design, interior decoration and supervision of the construction of “Gol Sang” residential complex, Tehran
  31.  Plan for reconstruction and implementation of land management building of Mazandaran province, Sari
  32.  Renovation plan of dormitory units of oil company training center, Mahmoud Abad
  33.  Design of service complex, Mr. Heidarpour, Babol
  34.  Design of Mazandaran general tax office building, Sari
  35.  Supervision on the construction of south side of Ibn Shahr Ashoob Square, Sari
  36.  Modify the plan and supervision on the construction of tax office building, Babol
  37.  Modify the plan and supervision on the construction of tax office building, Bahnamir
  38.  Design and manage implementation of more than one hundred residential, commercial, office, sports, educational buildings, warehouse and villa projects
  39.  Design and supervise the construction of the Jame Mosque, Neka
  40.  Design and manage implementation of service complex, Mr. Kolbadi, Sari
  41.  Design of dentistry university, Babol
  42.  Designing and organizing beaches from 0 to 9 parking lots, Babolsar Supervising the construction of 120 health projects in the center and east of Mazandaran province