List of Projects

1-The designing of Sea palace gardens tower (45,000 square meters)

2. Sea palace commercial and entertainment shopping center (area 23,000 square meters)
3. The designing and supervision of the implementation of Amol  Fooladin Zob project (area 20,000 square meters)

4. The designation of a 125 unit’s residential complex in 31-storeies of Municipal Employees Housing Cooperative Company of District 14 (25,000 square meters)

5. The designation of restaurant and interior decoration of residential units and the suites of Aya collection of Soleimanie in Iraqi Kurdistan.

6. Workshop and advanced supervision of the building of Mazandaran province Tejarat Bank branches management. (area 9500 square meters)

7. The designation of Phases One and Two of international Medical University of Ramsar (5,000 square meters)

8. Workshop supervision of schools in the province of Mazandaran -280 schools in the province.

9. The designation of Kiakola University of Applied Sciences (11,000 square meters)

10. The designation of Semnan metal smelter factory.(7000 square meters)

11. The designation and supervision of 32-beds Imam Reza hospital (AS) in Chalus (2800 square meters)

12. The designation of the plan site and Phase 1 Residential township with 1,200 units in Surak (140,000 square meters)

13. Seismic Rehabilitation design and architectural design and interior decoration – monitoring of the project implementation (phase 3), Baran residential complex (7500 square meters)

14 .The designation and the management of the execution of Mr. Saberian business and administrative Project1 (2800 square meters) - Saberian 2 (2400 square meters)

15. The designation of Sari Pardis recreational  complex campus (11,000 square meters)
16. The designation of phases one and two of exam hall of the holly Prophet (PBUH) University Complex - The designation of the holly Prophet (PBUH) University Complex portal.

17. The designation of educational department of Payam Noor University of Sari (4500 square meters)

18. The designation of Phases 1 and 2 of Babol Dental School